Convenient Cosmetics

It’s the day before vacation! Did you remember to pack all of your makeup? As ladies, we always like to look our best even during our vacations. I know it’s difficult to get all of those cosmetics packed into one little bag, but I have a solution for our problem. A roll up makeup bag is perfect! Lilach Oren, a creative young lady has her own store on the popular website, With her design of an elegant organizer that rolls up for traveling and storage purposes, you will never have to leave behind your makeup again. Organize all of your cosmetics in an ideal way that looks like a mini bag but expands out to a beautiful large makeup roll with five individual sections. This unique rolling makeup bag is the perfect fit for your everyday life as well. When it is rolled up it can easily fit into your purse and at the same time, it is large enough to include all your favorite cosmetics even those big bulky brushes. This convenient bag has a cover so that the cosmetics will not fall out or reposition while it’s rolled up in your suitcase or purse. You can choose from a wide variety of color and designs. Each pouch is handmade by Lilach Oren herself! The bags are hand washable and come with a ribbon color of your choice to tie around the roll. Make vacations or even everyday life go a lot smoother! Order your roll up makeup bag today!