Convenient Cosmetics

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What You Need to Know About Cycling Underwear

homefitnessintelThis is a gear that is needed for all kinds of cyclists out there whether you commute via a bike, a professional rider or you’re biking for your fitness. If you use your bike to work, you don’t really need to be seen with tight shorts and cycling underwear. You can dress up as usual so you won’t get unwanted attention but still ride as comfortable as possible.

Why You Need to Buy Cycling Underwear

You can already own a pair of biking shorts and still be wondering if you should invest in biking underwear. A novice biker will also be wondering about the gear that he needs to be a serious biker. Here are some reasons why you would want to add biking underwear to your list.

Reduced Friction

If you are riding long through long distances, the rubbing of your inner thighs will feel more uncomfortable the more hours you put into it. This friction usually results in skin abrasions that are painful. The main reason you need biking underwear is this problem. Biking underwear is longer than regular pants to make sure that your thighs are well covered. They are also made from a kind of material that lessens friction.

Reduced Wetness

The material used to make this underwear takes the moisture away and lets it dry faster compared to normal underwear. Instead of your body becoming sticky, your body will be cool and dry because of your cycling underwear that allows you to focus on pushing yourself further. The increased dryness also helps reduce the chances of developing blisters in uncomfortable places.

Shock Absorption

On top of the reduced moisture, cycling underwear is made with a special kind of padding for impacts while you are pedaling. This reduces the impact on your groin and other places that are sensitive. The padding is enough to protect your crotch area and not make you uncomfortable. It is designed to be as thin as it can be for professional bikers. The most important area to protect is the crotch, and this is what biking underwear is for. Although this isn’t needed for stationary bikes, there’s not much shock absorption in recumbent bikes as well.

Good fit

This underwear is not like your regular underpants that will ride not run up to your thighs when you are doing the pedaling motion. The seam is made to hold the underwear firmly in place. It’s also designed to keep your genitals from swinging or moving around while you are pedaling. To make sure that the cycling underwear will do you good, just make sure that you buy a good fit. Buying ones that are not a good fit will only give you more problems instead of solutions.

The right apparel is important when doing heavy physical activities. Although this isn’t as important when you’re using an indoor stationary bike, it’s still good to wear comfortable clothes when doing home exercises.

Embroidery on Underwear: Yay or Nay?

sosewEmbroidery on underwear is not that common today, but it was used a lot before. Women liked to wear classy underwear made of premium materials in the old times, but there are still some that prefer this today. Although the plain cotton ones provide more comfort and are less expensive than embroidered underwear, some still choose to own embroidered ones. There are many kinds of designs that can be incorporated in embroidered underwear, and because technology is so advanced today, most sewing machines can make different embroidered designs that are probably non-existent before. Those who are used to wearing plain cotton panties might find it weird at first to try on embroidered underwear but if you are willing to give it a try, here are some of the reasons why you should do it.

It makes you look and feel sexy

Some say that underwear has a lot to do with women feeling confident and sexy. Embroidered underwear makes you feel like you are wearing something kinky underneath your clothes giving you enough confidence to flaunt it. Plain panties don’t do this much because they are made to be used on a daily basis when you’re going to school or work. Embroidered underwear can be an option when you are going out for a fancy date or going to an important function.

It’s made of different materials

You can choose from a lot of materials that are used for embroidered underwear. It’s also true for plain ones where they use satin, mesh and other types of materials, however, embroidered underwear has a lot more character than plain ones when used with satin for example. It makes it look more sophisticated and elegant looking with the design used for it. The good thing about being able to use different types of materials is that it allows the customer to choose the best one that she feels comfortable in.

Embroidered underwear is more efficient

Yes cotton panties do the trick, and it lets you feel comfortable when you’re using it but embroidered underwear are usually better. This underwear allows your skin to breath more because it’s usually made with see through materials and the designs expose the skin more so that it can breathe if the weather is really hot.


With embroidered underwear, there are those who customize the design and let you put personal effects on your underwear. For example, if you are looking at embroidered underwear as a gift for a special person or a friend, you can maybe put their initials in it. If they like roses, try to incorporate that into the design as well. It’s a very clever idea, and it’s also very useful because we all wear underwear everyday. With today’s sewing machine technology, you can only imagine what designs can be made without any hassle. There are even sewing machines that can be programmed to make a design without you doing anything. Just put in the design, turn on the machine and let it do all the work. There are sewing machines for beginners if you’re new to the hobby.

Does Underwear Matter When on a Hunting Trip?

primaobchodHunting is a very serious task, and it requires all the necessary equipment to make it successful let alone safe. A good set of hunting skills is also important if you are going to embark on a hunting quest to make sure that you know what you’re doing out there in case an emergency comes up. Just like all of these requirements, a hunter that wants to perform his very best while hunting needs to wear the proper attire. A good pair of jeans, a comfortable shirt or long sleeves, a good quality pair of boots and last but not least, a good pair of underwear.

Sure you must think it’s silly that underwear plays a big role in hunting but the truth is a hunter needs to feel most comfortable when he is hunting. Just imagine wearing uncomfortable underwear while doing some chores, you feel like you can’t move properly, and this is the same when you go hunting in a bad pair of underwear. Remember that you must have the right stance when drawing your bow and this can’t be achieved if you are not feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing. Here are some of the things that you might want to consider when buying underwear that’s sure to feel comfortable.


Just like clothes, there are different materials used to make underwear. What you need to choose will depend on the material that works best for you. Cotton underwear is the most popular ones because it’s light breathable and feels good on the skin. However, if you like other materials like spandex, you may also opt to buy this kind.


The right size will always determine the level of comfort when it comes to any clothing—especially underwear. If you wear underwear that’ a size too small, it’s impossible to feel comfortable. It’s the same if you wear something that’s too big so you better find the size that fits you exactly so you can walk around and move better.

Type of underwear

There are many different types of underwear to choose from whether you’re a man or a woman. As an adult, you should already know which type you like and which one makes you feel like you can move freely and not feel hassled. For example, some men like to wear boxers instead of briefs and some women enjoy boy legs better than thongs or regular underwear. It all boils down to your preference, and you can also do your research or try them all on to see which one you like. This is the same when buying hunting equipment. There are different types of bows like compound, long bow and recurve. The recurve bow also has different types like takedown recurve bow and others.

Hunting gears, like the type of bows and accessories that you use, is important. But you will find that once you find the best type of underwear to wear on your hunting trip, it will make so much difference. It’s a trivial thing and some people might even laugh at the idea or overlook it but if you want to perform a hundred percent, then you will take this advice and try it.

Best Underwear Storage Ideas

pet hairPeople are very sensitive about their underwear and where they store it. This is because of everyone knows that these are not meant to be seen by just anybody. It would be embarrassing if a relative, friend or even a date finds your underwear lying around the house. It’s not hard to think of places where you can store your underwear, and it’s very important to do this if you have kids or pets inside the house.

Everyone knows that pets tend to pick little pieces of clothing that they can play around with, and underwear is their main target. Not only your pets but children are also known to be fond of playing with their parent’s intimate wear. Children are known for being clever, and you may think they are just looking at you, but they are looking at the places where you store your personal stuff. After you leave your house, they are sure to dig around and try your shoes, clothes and underwear.

To avoid these incidents with your pets as well as the children in your house, storage space for underwear doesn’t need to be huge unless you own thousands of them. If you just moved in or if you are rearranging your room and closet, here are some fun ideas where you can store your underwear.

These are also places where your pets and children won’t be able to reach so it’s a good way to keep these menaces from embarrassing you when you come home with a friend, and your underwear is all over the place.

Underneath the Bed

This is a brilliant idea because it can save tons of space in your closet. There are portable underwear compartments that you can buy from your local store that you can easily bring home and use. These are made of lightweight materials–usually plastic–which makes it easy for you to carry around. For an underwear storage idea, you can store this underneath your bed and access it anytime you need to change. Under bed storage are space savers.

Hidden compartment in the closet

There are closets that provide a lock to certain compartments if you store important stuff inside. Since this is not a safe or a bolt, you can’t choose to put money, jewelry or anything that can be stolen there. You can use this to store your underwear and lock it over time you need to leave the house to prevent people from playing with them. This is good if you have toddlers in the house who like to dig into your closet and try your clothes.

Top closet in the bathroom

Everyone has a bathroom closet where you can store towels and other bathroom supplies. This can be a good place to store your underwear as well to keep them out of reach. This can be the perfect place to put them because you can always access them after taking a bath or freshening up. It’s also harder for your children or pets to reach this area unless they want to mess with you.

So, after finally ending the problem of tossed around undies, deal with pet hair and children’s mess by getting yourself a vacuum cleaner. Check out reviews for Hoover Brand, they come in different designs.

Archery Inspired Underwear: Why They’re Selling Off the Racks

bestcrossbowArchery is becoming popular as a sport today because of its fun nature coupled with a development of better focus and patience. Just like other sports, there are novelty items that are being sold with the sports as its theme. One of the most bizarre products associated to archery today is archery inspired underwear. These underwear bear signs that are archery related which can also be funny or symbols that represent the sport. These are also available for men and women and if you are wondering why they are selling off the racks, here are some of the reasons.


One of the websites that sell archery inspired underwear is, and they are known to sell high-quality products. No matter if you are into archery or not, having a comfortable pair of underwear is always a good thing. There are plenty of other websites that offer archery inspired underwear as well, and they are made with great material that’s sure to be durable and last you for a long time.


If you are into archery, you will get most of the jokes that these underwear have and enjoy them with your parents (if they are also practicing archery). This underwear brings life to your old and boring set that you are used to. Plain underwear is fine, by all means, but adding a little bit of joke and fun theme to it will mix things up and give you more options to wear in the future—especially if you’re dating an archer chick.


Everyone can agree that not everything that’s popular is good but come on, archery inspired underwear is both popular and good. It won’t hurt you to try and get into this bandwagon of popular new designs because underwear is still underwear, and you can be sure to use them everyday. You can also talk to friends about owning a pair and what kind of design you chose and why.

Good price

You might assume that archery inspired underwear are expensive, but you are going to be surprised that the prices are not as high as you think. If you look hard enough, you will find many clothing websites that sell archery inspired underwear for a bulk price—and it’s quite cheap. If you are planning on replacing your whole underwear set with this archery inspired ones, you can get a really good price on them. The key is to look for the best website and the cheapest prices.

Lastly, if you’re really into archery, you will find this underwear adorable, and you probably won’t need a reason to buy them in the first place. They are funny, witty and add a kick to the usual plain old underwear that we are used to. It’s also good as gifts if you choose the ones with the slightly dirty jokes as their label. Most people who are getting into the sport would be psyched about these archery-inspired apparel and that’s mostly the reason why they are selling like pancakes.

However, if you’re looking for real archery equipment like crossbows, visit Best Crossbow Hunter. They have reviews for brands like Barnett and Parker Crossbows.